standalone,9V battery, With escape light

General Details

Smoke DetectorSmoke detector SR-803L;

SR-803L: Photoelectric smoke detector (independent) With LED escape light


Main Features:

Light Labyrinth with High Stability

Adopted CMOS with low power consumption

High Adaptability to the Ambient, with Dustproof, mothproof, moisture proof and anti-white light function

Sound & Flash Alarm, Low Voltage indication, Self-test Function

Manual test, Auto Reset Function

Unique SMD Design

Lighting when breaking out of fire


Technological details


Technical specification:

Technical specification
Input voltage: 9V battery
Static current ≤20uA
Alarm current 15m/A
Alarm indication: red LED flash & lighting
Operating temperature: -10~+50°C
Operating humidity: ≤95%RH(No condensation)
Alarm output: sound and flash and lighting
Alarm sound level: ≥85dB/m