SUMRING rooted in excellent credit and high quality. Over the past seven years, SUMRING has achieved “0” appeal from customers. The company insists on the humanized service before sale, on sale and after sale, and establishes the ideal that began to work on marketing when the contract is arrived at. All work goes in accordance with the request of customers.
Before-Sales Service—- We will detail you the information about our products and professionl guidance so you can get the right products for your market.

Training for Customers —-Our professional staff provide training to customers with normal examining, maintaining and testing of our products.

Periodical Maintenance—-Our professionals will examine the products periodically to ensure sound operation of the system.

Instant Reaction—- We set a special hotline for after-sales service to deal with the customers’ consultation, complaints and fault declaration on 24 hours. We make the response in shortest time.

Long-term Continuous Service—- We provide lifelong service to our customers to release their worries on the products.