July 8, 2024

what is the residential heat detector?

Heat Detectors are used to detect rises in heat in buildings or other premises as an early warning of fire as part of a fire alarm system. A heat detector(that is what this article refers to  residential heat detector) is a fire alarm device designed to respond when the convected thermal energy of a fire increases the […]

July 3, 2024


After the 2023 Canton Fair and the 2023 Poland Trade Fair, we, Sumring, will join hands to come to the Philippines to participate in the World Safety and Security Expo. Sumring are looking forward to and confident in participating in the 2024 World Safety and Security Expo. Sumring has been deeply involved in the field of […]

June 18, 2024

what is the fixed temp heat detector ?

About the fixed temp heat detector This is the most common type of heat detectors. fixed temp heat detectors operate when the heat sensitive eutectic alloy reaches the eutectic point changing state from a solid to a liquid. Thermal lag delays the accumulation of heat at the sensitive element so that a fixed temp device will […]

June 12, 2024

what is the heat rise detector ?

About the Rate-of-rise heat detectors (be short for heat rise detector) Rate-of-Rise (ROR) heat detectors(heat rise detector) operate on a rapid rise in element temperature of  8°C (46.4°F) increase per minute, irrespective of the starting temperature. This type of heat detectors can operate at a lower temperature fire condition than would be possible if the threshold […]

May 31, 2024

How To Select Heat Detector ?

Heat detectors commonly have a label on them that reads “Not a life safety equipment” . That is because heat alarms are not meant to replace smoke detectors in the bedrooms or in the hallway outside of the bedrooms. A heat detector will nonetheless notify of a fire in a kitchen or utility area, e.g., […]