General Details

PIR Detector:

SR-612I: motion light switch, indoor



This product is the use of far-infrared sensor to detect infrared rays emitted by the human body
comparison operator, automatically control the lamp light off; turn on the lights by the the imported
chip set lighting time, intelligent control and energy saving. This product is widely used in stairways, basements, toilets and other places, is a new type of energy-saving electronic switch.


Technological details

Technical specification:

Power supply voltage: 220V/AC ~ 240V/AC
Power frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz
Ambient Light: Detection range: 8m max
Load power: the principle of resistive electrical resistive 1200W (incandescent), emotional 300W (energy saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, ring tube, LED exhaust fan, alarms, and other appliances) (220V/AC 240V/AC)
Time Delay: min: sec +- 3 seconds, max: 7 minutes +- 2 min (adjustable)
Detection angle: 360 degree
Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 50 degree
Relative humidity: less than 93% RH
Installation height: 1.5m to 3.5m
Power consumption: 0.45W (static 0.1W)
Detection Motion Speed: 0.6 to 1.5m / s