General Details

PIR Detector:

SR-612C-DC: motion light switch, Indoor



  1. It is built-in switch with PIR sensor provides 360° coverage to detect the human motion in controlled area. The sensor can turn the light on and off automatically within range(5 to 7 meters). They offer convenient, cost-effective and energy savings for users, energy saving up to 35 %( compared to manual switch).



Technological details

Technical specification:

  1. 1. Operating voltage: DC12V
    2. Ambient temperature: -20 ‘C – +50’ C
    3. Own power: <0.016W
    4. Load type: Incandescent lamp, ventilating fan, various types of lamps, be available to all
    electric apparatus.
    5. Load power: 0W-100W.
    6. Output forms: positive output (be close usually, open after induction); reverse output
    (be open usually, close after induction), with beep alarm (about 70 decibels
    7. Optical control range (adjustable): 5Lux-500Lux ± 20% (default setting is 5 Lux ±
    8. Time delay closing time (adjustable): 16-350 seconds ±30% (default setting is 16
    seconds ±30%)