September 20, 2022

Where is the application of fire heat detectors ?

We all know that smoke detectors and fire optical heat detectors are used to detect whether a fire has occurred. Smoke detectors monitor the concentration of smoke to prevent fires. Temperature heat detectors detect fires through changes in temperature. According to the different detection methods, the application places of the two fire detectors is still slightly different. Here we focus on the application places of optical heat detectors.

optical heat detector

The fire optical heat detector has two alarm methods of rate-of-rise alarm and fixed temperature alarms. The temperature sense of the alarm at a fixed temperature of 57 degrees Celsius is suitable for all places where fire will occur. When the temperature reaches 57 degrees Celsius, it indicates that the fire has occurred or is occurring or is about to happen; It is noteworthy that Pay attention to the place where the temperature changes rapidly, it is better to choose a heat detector with Rate-of-rise alarm whose temperature rising rate>8℃.

Temperature-sensitive optical heat detectors: A temperature-sensitive maintenance area is 20 to 30 square meters
Where smoldering occurs or a fire cannot be reported in time, a optical heat detector should not be selected
Where one of the following conditions is met, a temperature-sensitive fire heat detector should be selected:
1) The optical heat detector is suitable for relative humidity often greater than 95%;
2) Smokeless fire;
3) There is a lot of dust;
4) Smoke and vapor stay under normal conditions;
5) Kitchen, boiler room, generator room, drying workshop, etc .;
6) Smoking room, etc .;
7) Other halls and public places that are not suitable for installing smoke detectors

optical heat detector

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