May 26, 2024

what is a heat fire alarm ?

A heat detector (we also called heat fire alarm) is a property safety device that responds to extremely high temperatures that indicate the presence of a fire. Heat fire alarm detectors should not be confused with temperature sensors. For the temperature sensor, the main application is to alert the system when the HVAC system in the building has stopped working. But for a heat fire alarm detector, the purpose is to respond to a fire that could cause destruction to the building and the property.

heat fire alarm heat fire alarm

An end user should install smoke detectors over heat fire alarm detectors whenever possible. This is because a smoke fire detector will respond more quickly to a fire than a heat detector. But there are some applications where it is better to use heat detectors. The most common reason is that installing a smoke fire detector in certain areas will most likely lead to false alarms. This is often due to excessive dust or moisture in the area. Another reason is because the room may sometimes contain smoke.

One example of a room that might benefit more from a heat fire alarm detector than a smoke fire detector is a garage. This is because the garages can get very dusty, and the excessive dust might activate a smoke fire detector. The same principle could be applied to attics. For a bathroom, the excessive moisture could cause the same effect. Kitchens are also great candidates for heat fire alarm detectors, as the resulting smoke from cooking food could cause a smoke fire detector to activate. The same is true for rooms where someone might smoke a cigarette or other herbs.