May 11, 2022

What is a combination smoke heat detector?

Fire Detector It is a device for detecting fires in the automatic fire alarm system for fire detection. The main classifications are smoke detectors, heat detectors, and combinationsmoke heat detectors.

sumring smoke heat detector

The temperature-sensitive fire detector uses the sensitivity of the thermal element to the temperature to detect the ambient temperature. It has a built-in single-chip microcomputer to cure the highly reliable fire judgment program and uses a special process to handle it.

The smoke detector uses infrared scattering technology and uses imported optoelectronic devices to improve the reliability, stability and consistency of the sensor. It also prevent insects, dust and external light. The product has a novel structure, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, strong moisture resistance, and good chemical resistance.

smoke heat detector

The combination smoke heat detector is the combination of the above heat and smoke detector, and it perfectly uses the composite detection technology that is a new type of multifunctional and highly reliable fire detection technology popular in the world today. It not only has the performance of ordinary photoinductor smoke fire detector, but also has the performance of constant temperature and differential constant temperature fire detector. At the same time, the smoke heat detectorcan also detect and fire open flames with obvious temperature rise, such as alcohol combustion, which expands the application range of photoelectric smoke detectors.