December 1, 2016

Sumring Welcome You to Electronic High-Tech Feast—-2018 CES Exhibition

January 5, 2018- January 8, the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be held in Las Vegas, the United States!

About CES

Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is sponsored by the United States Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (referred to as CEA), founded in 1967, with 50 years of history. It is the highest level of wind vane of the world’s electronics technology,

As the world’s largest and most influential consumer technology industry event, there is no doubt that 2017 US CES exhibition will gathered the best suppliers for traditional consumer electronics and IT manufacturers, a variety of cool new technology will make people open Vision!

Sumring will launch the latest achievements of  security products and fire protection products series;

In the area of rapid development of science and technology, Sumring technology keep up with the trend of the times to go in the forefront of science and technology, owns the most comprehensive networking core technology, Take “make people’s lives more secure” as a mission, constant innovation in products, showing a powerful development potential!

2017 CES show is coming in United States, Sumring will show technological new products with world’s top brand, invites you to a high-tech feast, look forward to seeing you there.

2017 Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show(CES)
Show Time5th-8th Jan.,2018 (US time)
AddressUnited States- Las Vegas International Exhibition Centre
 StandSands Hall—43385