Protect your home from time to time with our WiFi Smart Gas Detector, which is designed to detect the first signs of danger. with voice alarm

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Home Smart Tuya Gas Sensor Detector Wifi Gas Sensor LPG Natural Gas Alarm

This wifi Tuya Gas Sensor Detector product does not need to be connected to the alarm host, can work independently in the WiFi network system, you only need to download an app! ! !

The smart Tuya Gas Sensor combustible gas alarm, is used to detect natural gas(CH4), the built-in semiconductor gas sensor has a long lifespan and tiny sensitivity drift, when the natural gas is detected and exceeds the alarm concentration, the alarm will send out sound and light alarm signal immediately, at the same time, the valve manipulator turns off the gas valve automatically, the real-time alarm will also sent to users APP. The wifi gas sensor is suitable for indoor use and should be installed at places where natural gas leakage may happen.

Product advantages:
1. High reliability semiconductor wifi Tuya Gas Sensor Detector
2. Using powerful microprocessor control
3. Mobile APP remote connection, support for connecting tuya APP
4. Connect to tuya APP for remote notification
5. Real-time reporting of detected gas concentration
6. Voice alarm prompt
7. Can remotely control machine hand(Valve switch)
8. Made by SMT process, strong stability
9. Plug and play, easy to install, easy to network

Technical Parameters

Working voltageAC100-240V
Average power consumption≤3W
Warm-up timeabout 3 minutes
Detection gasGas that can be burned (CH4)
Alarm concentration6%LEL
Error±3% LEL
Alarm sound pressure≥70dB (1 meter)
Working temperature-10℃ ~ +55℃ (indoor use)
Working humidity≤95% RH (no condensation)
Product sizeL90mm x W90mm x H59mm (plug ont included)