For LPG, Natural gas; Standalone, Network, wireless optional

General Details
Gas detector:

SR-905NVC-DC: combustible gas detector, network, DC power supply, work with Solenoid valve

SR-905NS-AC: combustible gas detector, AC power

SR-905NV-AC:combustible gas detector, work with Solenoid valve or Exhaust Fan, AC power

SR-905NVR-AC: combustible gas detector, Wireless, Radio Signal Output


1. Semiconductor gas sensor
2. MCU processing
3. Auto-check sensor failure
4. Auto reset after gas clears
5. Sound & flash alarm
6. 12V pulse output to drive solenoid valve / electrovalve to shut off gas supply
7. Relay output to drive exhaust fan to clear leaked gas
8. 24 hours aging tests of both PCBA and finished detectors to make it very stable
9. Double tests with gas when after two times of aging to make it very stable




Technological details
Working voltageAC 100-240V, 50~60Hz  OR 12-24VDC type
Temoerature range0°c ~ +50 °c
Humidity range10% ~ 95% relative humidity (RH)
Alarm level10%LEL ± 5%LEL
Alarm resetauto reset after gas clears
Sensorsemiconductor gas sensor
Indicator informationAC Power: LED constant bright, Green

Alarm: LED flashing, Red

Sensor failure: LED constant bright, Yellow

Alarm outputsound & flash alarm;–standalone type

sound & flash alarm& relay output;–network type

sound & flash alarm&RF signal output–wireless type

Alarm sound85dB/3m