15 degrees, wired & wireless optional

General Details

PIR Detector:


SR-606C WiredCurtain PIR Detector

SR-606CR Wireless Curtain PIR Detector


This product is the wireless curtain PIR detector. Hereinafter be called the detector. It adopts advanced technology in signal processing and provides superhigh detection and anti false alarm performance, which ensures its stability in design. Any intruder passing through the detecting area, it will automatically detect the body movement. Any dynamic movement, it will send the alarm signal to the mainframe. This product is suitable for the safety in residential areas, villas, factories, shopping malls, warehouses and office buildings etc.

Main features:

Screwing-type mounting bracket, more stable
Adjustable detecting distance
Auto temperature compensation
Low power indication
Tamper alarm function
Alarm delay optional
Anti RF(20V/m -1GHz)
Wireless signal output
Low power consumption design
SMT process, anti-RFI, anti-EMI


Technological details

SR-606C:Wired Curtain PIR Door Sensor

Technical specification:

Operating voltage: DC9-24V
Consumption current: ≤18mA(DC12V)
Operating temp.: -10ºC~+50ºC
Installation mode: wall mounted
Installation height: about 1.8m
Detecting distance: 9m
Detecting angle: 15 degrees
Alarm output: N.C
Anti-dismantle switch: N.C.


SR-606CR:Wireless Curtain PIR Door Sensor

Technical specification:

Operating voltage:DC3V (2*AA battery)
Static current:≤25uA
Alarm current: ≤25mA
Battery life:1 year
Detect distance:optional(2m, 4m, 9m)
Detect angle:15°
Auto-check time:30 sec,
Alarm indicator :red LED
Low power indicator :yellow LED
Operating temp.: -10ºC~+50ºC
Ambient humidity:≤95%RH(no congelation)
Installation height:1.7~-2.5m
Transmitting frequency:315M or 433M
Transmitting distance:≥100m (open area)
Outline size:100*55*47.5*mm