General Details
Heat detector

SR-512HC Heat detector with Real Temperature

Display and Adjustable Alarm Temperature


Main Features:

MCU processing

Auto reset / power-off reset optional

NTC thermal sensor

4 Digits temperature LCD display

Can set maximum or minimum alarm temperature simultaneously

Real ambient temperature correctable

Relay alarm output

Relay alarm delay time settable(0-255S)


Technological details

Technical specification:

Operating voltage:DC9-24V or DC24V-48V

Static current: ≤10mA or ≤28mA

Alarm temperature: -10ºC~+100ºC(can be set manually)

Alarm output: relay output, contact capacity AC250V 3A

Sensor: NTC 20K high sensitivity temperature sensor

Working environment: -10ºC~+50ºC(≤95%RH)

Dimension: 118.5*82*43mm