Product Description

This product SR-821THS is an intelligent carbon monoxide smoke composite detector, which adopts a micro-processing control and electrochemical sensor, featuring high stability, low power consumption, and small sensitivity drift. It is mainly used in places where carbon monoxide gas leakage and fire may occur, ensuring personal life safety.

Main features

* Adopt high-reliability electrochemical sensor and infrared photoelectric sensor

* LCD liquid crystal display density

* 3*1.5V AA battery powered

* Low current consumption, long standby life

* Battery low battery prompt

* Alarm memory function

* Alarm pause (silent mode)

* Sound and light alarm / LED indicating alarm

* SMT industrial manufacturing, strong stability

Technical specification

Model No. 



Operating voltage3*1.5V AA battery (3 AA 1.5V)
Quiescent current<80uA
Alarm current<30mA
Alarm outputsound and light tips
SensorElectrochemical Carbon Monoxide Sensor and Infrared Photoelectric Sensor

Working temperature0-50 °C
Working humidityrelative humidity 10%-95%
Carbon monoxide gas detection concentration000~999 PPM
Smoke sensitivity


0.1% db/m-9.9% db/m
 Battery displaylow battery alarm