Wireless Combustible Gas Leakage Detector

General Details
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Model Number: SR-910YR
name: Wireless gas detector
Wireless frequency: 315/433MHz wireless frequency option
installation: wall mounted
Power supply: AC220V
Detection of gas types: LPG, Natural gas, coal gas
working current: <100mA
dimension: 110*80*40mm

Product Description
Wireless Combustible Gas Leakage Detector

This SR-910YR is an indoor combustion gas detector with high stability ,The detector is applied in indoor places where combustion gas leaks possibly happen…..

* Detect Natural Gas, LPG, Coal Gas, combustible Gases
* Wall Mounted
* Sound and Flash Alarm
* Three Indicators: Power, Alarm, Fault
* Long Lifespan Semiconductor Sensor with High Stability
* Advance Microprocessor Technology
* Auto Check Sensor Failure
* Auto Reset After Leaked Gas Clears
* Strict Calibration of Alarm Level in Gas Chamber
* 24-48 Hours Aging Tests of both PCBA and Finished Detectors
can be worked with solenoid valve or exhaust fan
Model No
Operating voltage
New nano-tech sensor
Gas species
Natural gas or LPG or Coal Gas
Alarm output
Sound & LED flash alarm & RF433Mhz /315 (Send 433 by default)
Alarm level
LPG 0.1%~0.5%, natural gas 0.1%~0.3%, coal gas 0.1%~0.5%
Sound level
85dB/m,with red LED flash fast
Wall mounted
Working environment
-10℃~+50℃(≤95%RH No congelation)
Please choose a suitable position to install gas detector, usually 1.5m~2m away from the gas source device.
If you want to detect natural gas or coal gas, the gas detector should be installed wall mounted 30cm
away from the ceiling, because the density of natural gas & coal gas are lighter than air.
If you wanna detect LPG(Liquefied Petroleum Gas), the gas detector should be installed wall mounted 30cm
away from the ground, as the density of LPG is heavier than air.