September 4, 2022

Notes on installation of smoke alarm

Note the installation of smoke detector:

best 10 year smoke detector
speaking of smoke detector, we recommend you to install our SR-825PHS- the best 10 year smoke detector,of course, we must know some knowledge that how to installing smoke detector before we start install detector. here are three tips:

1. Avoid installing it too close to doorways, windows, fans, etc. Generally, the faster airflow may affect the normal operation of the smoke detector; avoid installing it in places with high temperature, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

2. The ideal installation location includes villas, homes, shops, office buildings, warehouses, garages and other places. If installed in a corridor, the distance between the corridor and the wall should not exceed 4 meters, and two adjacent smoke detectors should not exceed 8 meters; if installed on the wall, the first smoke detector must be at least 15cm from the ceiling and 30cm at the maximum , At least 60cm between two adjacent detectors.

3. Oil stains, dust and other contaminants will affect the normal operation and life of the smoke detector. When installing and using, please pay attention to prevent the detector from being polluted.

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best 10 year smoke detector
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