May 20, 2022

Magnetic door contact switch

SUMRING magnetic door contact switch is an intrusion detector used to detect door and window switches in anti-theft system. It consists of reed switch and magnet.
When the doors and windows are closed, the switch contacts are affected by the magnetic field of the magnet to form a conductive state; when the doors and windows are opened illegally,
When the magnet is far away from the switch, the switch contact is opened, which triggers an alarm.

magnetic door contact switch

Installation site
The magnetic door contact switch is only suitable for the detection of intrusion signals of security doors and windows, such as for industrial equipment / home appliances,

magnetic door contact switches

Installation instructions
Use a drill to make Ø19 holes in the hard-to-reach places on the door (window) and the corresponding door (window) frame.
Set the alignment (error in any direction <3mm), then install the magnet part on the movable door (window), the switch part
Separately mounted on a fixed door (window) frame and wired to the host with wires.
Do not tap during installation to avoid internal damage to the switch.