August 18, 2022

Is it important to clean the domestic smoke detector frequently?

Speaking of domestic smoke detectors, it is a common alarm device in our daily life. It plays a certain alarm role in daily fire prevention and helps reduce property damage. So is it important to clean the smoke alarm frequently?

domestic smoke detector

If the domestic smoke detector sounds continuously, then there may be too much dust in the alarm, and it is time to consider replacing the alarm or cleaning it. When cleaning the alarm, close the end of the vacuum cleaner near the opening around the alarm and vacuum one by one. In this way, the dust accumulated on the alarm can be completely removed.

It is very necessary to clean the domestic smoke detector regularly. The smoke alarm has some small sieve-like shelters around the induction center to prevent small bugs and dust from entering the induction center. But dust can accumulate around the shelter, thereby delaying the movement of the air. Cleaning the alarm is easy. Just use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the air outside the alarm, and clean it at least once a year.