May 23, 2022

How to install a wireless door contact sensor ?

The door sensor is an important part of the anti-theft alarm system. Generally, it is a wireless door contact sensor, which is divided into two parts, the sensor and the magnetic strip, and can be installed on the door and the door frame (window and window side).then let us tell you how to install the  wireless door contact sensor

wireless door contact sensor

Fix the magnet part on the door and the sensor part on the door frame. The fit is mainly to connect to the host. For example, if it is wired, it should be connected to the corresponding zone setting of the host. Wirelessly, it should be coded with the host and tested, and then making the main unit defend state and open the door and test to see if it alarms. The transmitter signal will not be triggered when the magnetic and the sensor are close to each other. When the magnetic and the sensor are separated by about 1 cm after being combined, the sensor will send the signal to the door magnet transmitter and the  signal will send a signal to the alarm host when triggered, The host sends a corresponding alarm signal.

The magnetic stripe and sensor are installed on the door panel, and the other is installed on the door frame. The signal transmitter can be installed on a nearby wall or door panel. Because the magnetic and sensor are wirelessly connected, no wiring is required. The three parts can be fastened with strong adhesive or fixed with screws.

Now, smart you maybe know how to install the wireless door contact sensor, if you have any question,welcome to inquiry us!