May 4, 2022

fire detector heat alarm FAQ

What does a fire detector heat alarm do?
A detector heat alarm is a fire alarm device designed to respond when the convected thermal energy of a fire increases the temperature of a heat sensitive element. … All heat detectors have this thermal lag. In addition, Heat detectors have two main classifications of operation, “rate-of-rise” and “fixed temperature”.

detector heat alarm

What is the difference between a heat detector alarm and a smoke detector?
The smoke detectors use ionization and photoelectric technologies whereas a detector heat alarm uses thermocouple and electro-pneumatic technologies. While the smoke detectors are very sensitive and are prone to give off false alarms. The heat detectors are more reliable fire detectors, even in dusty environments. so we suggest installing fire detector heat alarm in the right place.

How long does a fire detector heat alarm last?
the answer is, if heat increases rapidly or the temperature reaches the fixed threshold. Heat detectors do need to eventually be replaced, though. Normally, heat detector alarms can last up to ten years whenever operating.

detector heat alarm

Where can you use a fire detector heat alarm?
A heat detector is usually used in rooms where there is excessive dust or fumes – for instance, a garage or cellar – which a smoke alarm can mistake for dust, soot or combustible elements in the atmosphere. SO, fire detector heat alarm is more suitable for used in rooms where there is excessive dust or fumes rather than smoke detectors.Meantime, the detector heat alarm is also used in rooms where highly-flammable chemicals are stored.