September 25, 2022

Are 10 year lithium batteries safe in smoke detectors ?

Yesterday my new client who want to buy 10 year lithium battery smoke detector ask me “Are 10 year lithium batteries safe in smoke detectors?” About this question, I can answer my clients without any adoubt:10 year lithium batteries is very safe in smoke detectors!

10 year lithium battery smoke detector

In general, the total energy stored in a lithium-ion battery is inversely proportional to its safety. As the battery capacity increases, the battery volume also increases, its heat dissipation performance deteriorates, and the possibility of accidents will increase significantly. but for lithium ion batteries used in smoke detectors, the basic requirement is that the probability of a safety accident is less than one part per million, which is also the minimum standard acceptable to the public.

 of course, Lithium 9Vs aren’t recommended for smoke detectors unless you follow a strict battery replacement schedule. Those batteries maintain a high voltage until the end of their usable life, so they provide a much shorter “low battery” warning to alert you that it’s time to swap in a fresh one. We recommend 3V 10 year lithium battery smoke detector that has the best safety and durability.

The Smoke detector with built-in 10-year 3-volt lithium power cell; Photoelectric sensor for efficient smoke detection; The 10 year lithium battery smoke detector with tamper resistant function  provides a full 10 years of protection without having to change the batteries!

3V 10 year lithium battery smoke detector whose lithium battery is not only safe in smoke detector, meantime, long-life lithium batteries can use 10 years,  but also is with tamper resistant function.
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