November 19, 2023

About some questions of conventional alarm system

What is a conventional alarm system?
conventional alarm system is a safety fire system designed to detect and alert you to any signs of fire within your premises.

conventional alarm system

How does a conventional alarm system work?
Fire detection devices are individually connected to conventional alarm systems using wires. If a connected device detects signs of a fire (such as smoke or heat), it will send a signal to the control panel and set off the alarm. The fire alarm panel will show you which ‘zone’ (or area) of your building the fire has been detected. For example, ‘Zone 1’ could be set up as the ground floor; ‘Zone 2’ could tbe set up as the first floor.

Is a conventional fire alarm detection system different to an addressble ?
Yes, conventional alarm systems differ from addressable alarms. That’s because conventional alarm system panels don’t allow you to pinpoint which individual device has been triggered. If you have this conventional alarm system, If you want to change, we would recommend looking into the options for upgrading to an addressable system.

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