June 18, 2024

what is the fixed temp heat detector ?

About the fixed temp heat detector

This is the most common type of heat detectors. fixed temp heat detectors operate when the heat sensitive eutectic alloy reaches the eutectic point changing state from a solid to a liquid. Thermal lag delays the accumulation of heat at the sensitive element so that a fixed temp device will reach its operating temperature sometime after the surrounding air temperature exceeds that temperature. The most common fixed temp point for electrically connected heat detectors is 57°C (135°F). Technological developments have enabled the perfection of detectors that activate at a temperature of 47°C(It need to Subject to final confirmation ) (117°F), increasing the available reaction time and margin of safety.

fixed temp heat detector

our heat detector (fixed temp heat detector) is a non-coding type device that detects heat, typically as an indicator of fire. Commercial, industrial, and mass residential devices issue a signal to a fire alarm system, while the heat sensor is triggered, it will transmit signal to alarm host to inform you with red LED indication and loud sound alarm. Widely used in home, factory, school, shop, offices, villas, residential areas where fire prevention alarm is needed.


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