February 26, 2024

What is a Bus-type (system) automatic fire and alarm systems ?

Bus-type (system) automatic fire and alarm systems is also called address fire alarm system or address fire alarm control panel.

This automatic fire and alarm systems has been controlled by a microprocessor. Its wire system generally includes four-wire system, three-wire system, and two-wire system. Both the detector and the module use address coding, and the signal transmission is realized through the bus and the controller. The alarm is in the form of a switch.

Fire and alarm systems

Its sensitivity is determined by hardware at the time of manufacture and cannot be adjusted. Such fire and alarm systems can be programmed on-site and implement complex control of various linkage devices through various modules. Such fire and alarm systems already have system Functions such as inspection and fault detection of peripheral devices, but the type of fault cannot be distinguished.

At present, most domestic automatic fire and alarm systems are of this type. Because these products have alarm and control functions, their construction and installation are more convenient. , And the price is low, has been widely used.

Simply put: the bus system refers to a bus loop composed of two or four wires. All detectors (devices) are connected in parallel on the bus, and each detector (device) has its own independent address code. The controller generally uses serial communication to query each detector (device) according to different addresses.