February 20, 2024

what buttons of fire fighting control panel that need to push ?

‘I don’t know how to operate my fire fighting control panel?’ This is more common than you think. It can be intimidating for people that have never stood in front of a operate my fire fighting control panel, and figured out what buttons that need to push when the fire panel’s screaming at you..

fire fighting control panel

1.Ackknowledge button of fire fighting control panel
Now we’ve got a number of buttons that we can also push to address what’s going on in the building. The first one is the acknowledge button. When an event occurs on the fire fighting control panel and I go to press the acknowledge button, especially on an addressable fire fighting control panel, an intelligent panel, it registers that I acknowledge that the event has occurred. So, it’ll put a little time stamp on there. It’ll also stop that little horn in the panel from buzzing.

2.Silence button of fire fighting control panel
The silence button is another button. And this sometimes gets confused. Basically the silence button will stop the evacuation sequence by stopping the noisemakers and the light flashers. we suggested that building owners, building users, facility people shouldn’t be too quick to press that silence button. They really should work with the fire department and see what they would have them do.

We know that there’s gonna be problem buildings where those alarms go off frequently. And the owners will be used to just pressing the silence button of fire fighting control panel.  because they believe there’s not a fire. But sometimes in some jurisdictions the fire department will get upset when they do that. So we temper teaching that button in that way. Effectively if people are evacuating the building and you press the silence button of  fire fighting control panel, it’s gonna stop the evacuation of the building. So you need to know what that does.

3.Reset button of fire fighting control panel
In an alarm after everything’s clear and you’ve investigated what made the system go off, the last thing you need to do is reset the fire fighting control panel and put it in normal condition. You press the reset button to do that. That’s kinda like a reboot on your computer. And so that reset button will reboo!