November 9, 2023

what are components of a building fire alarm system?

Today’s commercial building fire alarm systems are able to detect an issue, generate an alarm to alert people in the building and send information to the monitoring company so that emergency responders can be dispatched. so what are components of a  building fire alarm system ?

building fire alarm system

There are several components to a commercial building fire alarm system, including:

Fire control panel – monitors input and system integrity and controls output and sends information

Power supplies – both primary and secondary (back up) are needed

Initiating devices – these are the components that indicate there’s a fire.

There are two types:

Automatic: These are fire detectors that can measure smoke, heat, heat and flame.

Manual: These require a person to initiate them. Examples include pulling stations and fire alarm buttons.

Notification appliances – these alert building occupants to fire. For example, sirens, speakers, and flashing strobe lights.

building fire alarm system

Building safety interfaces – these are things that help people exit the building safely, such as exit safety lighting and ventilation systems that redirect toxic smoke. Systems may also include sprinklers, remote display and control panels, two-way communications, fire doors, and elevator recall capabilities. They may also be integrated with other security systems or smart office technology.