April 14, 2024

What a good high temperature heat detector!

Heat Detectors (also called high temperature heat detector)

A high temperature heat detector is activated and sounds an alarm when it senses a change in the ambient temperature. The heat detector is triggered when there is a rise in temperature that is beyond a pre-set level. However, heat detectors (high temperature heat detector)cannot detect smoke. Heat detectors employ electro-pneumatic and thermocouple technologies for their working.

high temperature heat detector

high temperature heat detectors usually do not sound false alarms and only when the temperature is very high, an alarm is triggered. In case the temperature is not too high or there is only dense smoke, a heat detector will not be activated.

Heat detecting devices are typically used in places where high flames and intense heat can occur. Usually, high temperature heat detectors are fixed in places that are susceptible to fire breakouts; for example, in storage areas where fuels and combustible chemicals are kept.

Heat detectors(high temperature heat detector) are quite reliable when the main objective is protection of property. They are not very expensive to install and can withstand harsh environmental conditions as well as contaminants.