General Details
This smoke detector not only has a beautiful appearance, but also uses very high-grade ABS fireproof material.
The built-in lithium battery with a life of 10 years allows you to avoid the trouble of frequent battery replacement.

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Quick Details
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Model Number: SR-851
Product name: EN listed 10 years lithium battery standalone fire smoke detector
Working Voltage: DC3V built-in lithium battery
Standby current: <12uA
Alarm current: <35mA
Alarm mode: LED&Buzzer
Low voltage threshold: 2.7V
Alarm sound: >85db
battery life: 10 years
Execute criterion: EN14604:2005/AC:2008

10 year battery smoke alarm

Main Features:

1.stand alone style
2.Infrared photoelectronic sensor;
3.buzzer alarm/LED indicating alarm;
4.Latest design
5.with hush button
6.Low voltage threshold
7.Execute Criterion:EN14604:2005/AC:2008
8.Suitable for family homes, commercial shops, restaurants, factories, office buildings
Working Voltage
DC3V built-in lithium battery(SR-851)
Standby current
Alarm current
Low voltage threshold
Product lifespan
10 years
Alarm mode
LED &buzzer
Alarm sound
Fire protection grade
ABS fireproof material
Installation method
ceiling mounted
Product size
single packing size
Detector Net weight
Execute Criterion
Press and hold the TEST key, the product enters the test state.
When the red light flashes, the buzzer sounds, and the action mode is the same as the alarm mode,it mean normal working ;
When it will flash eight times in red, without buzzing Tweeter, it mean it abnormal working.
Alarm (more than 85db)
When smokes reaching into the smoke chamber,
the Red LED will flash very quickly and “Di Di
Di” alarm sound will be issued by the

When Alarming,
Press the button to turn off the buzzer and the Red LED flashes every 9 seconds.
The mute time is about 9 minutes and it will turn back to normal standby state.


Normal Work with 10 year life battery

A red LED flashes once every 30 seconds that

means the smoke detector is working normally.
DC3V built-in lithium battery that can use 10 years,Removing the trouble of frequent battery changes.